SUN RUN's promise to quality is evident in everything we do, from raw material receipt to how we support our customers years after they purchase our goods. We are registered to ISO9001:2015 international quality standard. ISO 9001:2015 requires compliance with standards for management,  administration, product development, manufacturing and continual improvement. Our registration verifies that SUN RUN has adopted and maintains documentation for processes ranging from factory to customers, inspection, handling, and training. ISO 9001 also requires periodic internal and external audits to ensure all aspects of work affecting quality control are monitored. This always has been, and will continue to be. That's our guarantee to you.

SUN RUN hydraulic cylinder comply with the criteria set forth in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers standard institute ASME B30.1: 1. Cylinders are designed to have minimum of a 2-to- 1 safety factor on  typical material yield strength; and/or 2. Cylinder design is     

A. Operated through a minimum of 10 cycles of full travel at 110% of rated  load, and    

B. Pressurized 3 times at 150% of pressure with the cylinder extended to   approximately 90% of full stroke, after which the cylinder must be functional at rated load for full stroke and free of leaks. Continuing follow ASME standard, the bolting and hydraulic torque wrench experts at SUN RUN present the definitive course on Bolting Principles and Practices Per ASME PCC-1- series.

16.99 Machine and Equipment
Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Jacks
M996 Performance Test for Cylinder and Jacks 
ASME B30.1

Dynamic Load Test
Static Load Test
(14.7 to 1960) kN 
(1500 to 200000) kgf

KC4099 Hydraulic Torque wrench
Hydraulic torque wrench
SUN RUN document
Ranges/ measurement conditions/ smallest uncertainty
300~6000 N m/ clockwise/ 2.1%
300~6000 N m/ counterclockwise / 1.9%
200~30000 N m/ clockwise/ 0.4%
200~30000 N m/ counterclockwise / 0.6%




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